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Michael Chong For Conservative Party Leader
Father, husband, Canadian. MP Wellington—Halton Hills. Candidate for leader of the @CPC_HQ.
Père, mari, canadien. Député. Candidat de chef du @PCC_HQ.
Helen Ge CPA | Tax accountant - Ottawa, Toronto
Welcome to the video channel of Helen Ge CPA corp. We deliver quality services, and offer full range on accounting, tax and business advice. We serve the customers both in Ottawa and Toronto.
wysLink - CES 2017 - Full Coverage
Check out our one-stop showcase of all the new and interesting tech happenings at the 2017 CES!
Luggages, Backpacks, Handbags, Laptop Cases and More!
Since 1999, we have been your one stop travel shop bringing the best brands around the world to you. Our flagship Woodbridge store is the largest travel super-store in the Greater Toronto Area and one of the first of its kind in Canada.

Prominent brands include Samsonite, Delsey, Briggs & Riley, TravelPro, Verage, Heys, Guess, Kenneth Cole, LeSportsac, Pacsafe, Lug, Baggallini, Ameribag, Jansport, High Sierra, Fulton, Swiss Gear, Roots, Lewis & Clark, Secrid, Mancini, Aoking and much m
My Store
Xango Juice
Nature provides us everything we need to protect and maintain our health! Harnessing mangosteen’s remarkable whole-fruit properties, XANGO Juice gives your body what no other juice can. And it delivers its nutrient-rich goodness with a flavor that is sweet, crisp and safe for all ages.
加拿大国家电视台 CANADA NATIONAL TV (CNTV)是一家24小时全天候以普通话为播出语言的高清频道的有线电视台,配有高清数码科技设备,播出信号直接覆盖加拿大全境130万华人,间接覆盖北美500万华人。每周播出168小时,全年播出8736小时。
加拿大中文電視台面向粵語,普通話,韓語及英語等多語種觀眾。擁有專業的新聞製作團隊,第一時間全方位報道加拿大當地,中國兩岸三地及全球新聞,傳遞最新、最快、最權威的新聞資訊,讓您了解和知道身邊正在發生的一切。面向社區,服務本地華人,關心你我他,是本台的宗旨。歡迎您的收看,我們的播出頻道是: BELL 730
Canadian Film and Television Institute
加拿大电影电视学院成立于2010年。是加拿大政府注册的,可颁发专业学历证书的专上影视教育学院。所有课程计划均在PCTIA备案注册。学院作为北美多元文化电影家协会主办的加拿大国际电影电视节最重要的合作伙伴之一,全程参与电影节的筹备举办工作。首届电影节在2014年取得了巨大成功,包括奥斯卡金像奖得主《狮子王》导演Robert Minkoff,张国立、邓婕夫妇,前艾美奖主席George Leclere等众多好莱坞导演以及来自世界各地的众多国际影视明星前来捧场,并从世界各地参赛的150余部参赛作品中评选出多部获奖作品。
北美华人电视的又一支劲旅——国际电视即将全新起航。加拿大国际电视目前拥有2套电视播出平台(Bell 728台, CIK 5台)。她将彻底打破群雄割据、各立山头的局面,通过资源重新配置,资产重新组合,结构重新调整,建立一个加拿大乃至北美华人拥有和使用的电视频道。“国际电视”名称的来源是我们用世界性眼光和战略性思维开发开放电视运作平台,“华流文化推手、华人高端传媒”、“与华人共享,和华夏共鸣”是我们的根本宗旨,“小队伍,大合作,集约化,低成本、高品位”是我们的基本运作思路。作为加拿大华人电视界的新兵,国际电视将在自己的广阔天地里大展拳脚,在竞争激烈的电视市场崭露峥嵘。
SPARK Show Production 火花演艺制作
SPARK Show Production Inc. is one of the most well-known event Planning/Promotion/Production company in Toronto. Found at 2006. In the past Nine years, we have organized over 100 events, produced more than 500 shows.
Raman Sharma
Breathe, Entertain & Inspire |
Professional Canadian Magician
Thursday Nights at the Bandstand
Annual music series "2014 Thursday Nights at the Bandstand" - 12 performances - from blues to jazz to funk to soul to vintage hits and classical guitar.