Solution for business digital marketing
Video is one of the most powerful tools for a marketer to guide prospects and customers from awareness to
conversion to advocacy. Our showroom for business digital marketing provides marketers effective
strategies to transmit tons of historical, emotional, and academic information simply from 2, 3 seconds video
to win the market.
Quickly upload, manage as private or public,and
organize videos into multiple categories
Publish stream on-demand and live video to
your audience wherever they are, on any device
Create engaging, powerful video portals with built-in marketing
best practices for video SEO, social and responsive design.
Display ads at showroom. pre-roll,mid-roll video ads
to target audiences with full engagemnet reports
Engage your audience with live video, high-quality service.
Take advantage of real-time analytics, quality monitoring and
archiving for on-demand playback.
Embed your videos with our player, player with playlist,
or whole showroom into your website, blog, etc.
Build your brand by sharing videos on the most
popular social destinations
Specification Outlines
4 channels live streaming with 3 day CVR recordings
20GB storage included, option up to 500GB (Monthly US$2/10GB )
3 locations of advertisement banners. ( right, left, center and side small blocks)
Full control of running in-streaming video advertise, and in-streaming display ads
3 video embed formats without our logo (Player, with playlist, whole showroom)
1 wysLink virtual event hall to invite friends by eTicket with password protection
1 video blog with video-easy-embedded feature
With your business name and logo
Scalable monthly maximum video plays, and live stream concurrent viewers
Start from $49.99 / month
Brand promotion by videos
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